20 March 12-3pm @ The Crucible, Sheffield

GDPR Workshop

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Please register your interest to attend.  Due to limited availability tickets will be issued by invitation only. Lunch will be provided.

This FREE workshop is a great opportunity to drill down to see first hand what a GDPR plan should look like, understand the real risks of improper data use and see how to mitigate any risks by protecting your data properly.

With a chance to work together alongside BRM, Agenci and CT, this workshop should provide you with tools to allow your organisation to take the important next GDPR steps.  You’ll be sure to leave knowledgeable with lots of discussion points to improve your organisations plans. 

If your plan is finalised, we welcome you to bring it along and get it sanity checked by our panel of experts. If any gaps or priorities are found, we will advise on how to include effective changes for your organisations GDPR roadmap.

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Gary Hibberd, Agenci Director

Who you'll meet on the day...

"IT and data protection is now more prominent and critical for all organisations than ever before. We will look at your current infrastructure and DR solutions in place and advise on the technologies that can help mitigate the risks and look at the products and services that can fill the gaps"

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Richard Thompson, CT Director

Gary has a passion for all things cyber which was sparked 

in 1985 when he began his as a career as a programmer. 

As a result of that passion Gary went on to become an international renowned cyber security specialist and an experienced practitioner on ISO 27001 and GDPR.

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“Effective management of technology relies upon effective management of the people using it. BRM specialise in advising companies on implementing robust policies, procedures, and training to ensure that your staff are not the weakest link in your data security.”

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Amy Hallam, BRM Director

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